Almanor Fishing Association

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Almanor Fishing Association !

The Almanor Fishing Association a nonprofit organization made up of fishermen and local citizens interested in maintaining the health and quality of the Lake Almanor fishery. Our members support our projects, activities and receive our annual newsletter.

To become a member, just fill out our handy on-line membership application.

AFA Objectives:

To present a strong, collective and unified voice in advocating the merits and interests of sport fishing in Lake Almanor and interfacing with local, state and federal agencies and with various corporate and private entities.

To explore and develop, solely or in cooperation with others, plans, programs and facilities for the perpetuation and enhancement of the Lake Almanor fishing resource.

Lake Almanor is located on the northeast border of Plumas County at the 4,500 feet elevation. Having 52 miles of forested shoreline, Lake Almanor is the county's largest lake, offering year-round fishing and spectacular views of majestic Lassen Peak.